Courtney McCracken

Courtney McCracken


Hi, I’m Courtney.

I started my real estate investment company, Great Wave Investments, LLC, to capitalize on my 15 years of business development and financial experience.  Early in my career, I spent several years analyzing and structuring multi-million dollar debt transactions.  The next step on my journey was as a sales executive for a healthcare IT company developing new business within national healthcare systems.  Little did I know, that my corporate experience in these diverse areas would prepare me for building my own commercial real estate business.

While still maintaining my 9-5, I began “dipping my toe” in the world of real estate. Over time, I’ve made investments in 800+ multifamily and commercial units across the southeast. There was no denying where my passion was, so in January of 2022, I made the leap and left corporate America to pursue commercial real estate full time.

Now, I spend my days searching for new opportunities and creating avenues for others who have an interest in adding real estate to their path to generational wealth and financial freedom.