Building Investor Capital Through Multifamily Real Estate


Great Wave Investments, based in Nashville, TN, partners with investors for whom the stability of real estate investment appeals but the stress of property ownership does not. Our mission is to simplify real estate investing for busy professionals while also providing strong and predictable returns. 

We achieve this for investors via real estate investment through syndication, which is a group investment in a multifamily real estate asset.  This allows investors to take advantage of cash flow, equity, appreciation, and tax benefits, without the headaches of termites, tenants, and toilets.

Great Wave Investments works with investors who would like to diversify a traditional investment portfolio away from stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  Our team puts discerning investors’ capital to work for them by investing in multifamily properties in stable and growing markets across the country. 


Advantages Of Multifamily Investment

Great Wave Investments invests in apartment communities because we firmly believe that this is the best asset for building wealth while limiting exposure to market volatility.

Benefits of investing in multifamily real estate include:


Historically Stable Investment

Investing in multifamily property is a historically stable and proven way to create wealth and capitalize on tax-advantaged legislation


Exceptional Tax Benefits

Exceptional tax benefits include the fact that passive income from multifamily investments is taxed at a lower rate than regular income tax rates


Hedge Against Inflation

Shorter terms in multifamily rental leases mean that average rents can be strengthened by the ‘General Partner’ to keep pace with inflation


The Power Of Leverage

As a ‘Limited Partner’ in a multifamily syndication, investors benefit from leverage by pooling funds with other investors into prestigious properties

We look forward to welcoming you to our investor community.

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